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Have you ever seen your life like a living work of art, that keeps unfolding… or like a story that keeps taking unexpected/unforeseen turns?


How about this narrative following your desires?


Perhaps you are already beginning to perceive how good it feels when you become the author of your life...

Zwei getrocknete Blätter

Our lives are made up of stories. We listen to them, tell them to ourselves and to others. They can be funny or sad, boring or exciting.


As a life coach I help you to understand yourself as the author of your life story. So you can act according to your convictions and bring what is really important to you more and more into your life.

The best stories let us feel connected to the many other beings of this colorful world and be in flow with the whole universe. We will find such a story for you in life counseling.


On our journey together you will learn to take your dreams seriously and to crystallize your desires. Who knows if we will do this step by step or maybe in leaps and bounds....

You are as unique as a petal. Let your facets glitter and shine!


The best moment to act is always now. "The time is always now."

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