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Do you feel like life is rushing past you and you're watching?

Do you finally want to put yourself first? 

Do you want to do what feels right for you? Say what you think - and not what someone else expects?


Do you feel the longing to follow your desires and your inner knowing?

Are you looking for companionship on this journey?

The time is always now.

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Live the way YOU want

Do you ever wonder if you still have any dreams at all? Or have you lost yourself and your own desires somewhere along the way? 

Perhaps the predetermined role models no longer fit - or never did!


You want to dream big again, feel free, reach for the stars. For the stars that inspire and guide you.

You want to be creative and experience life in a playful way. 

You need the certainty that you can be yourself!

It is helpful to have someone by your side whom you can trust: for feedback, questions and shared laughter. I am happy to be this companion for you!

Tropical Leaves
We sort gems from dusty treasure chests and create a more vibrant connection with yourself.

In a nutshell, counselling will help you

  * to perceive yourself and your dreams and take them seriously 

  * to strengthen your joy of life and self-confidence

  * to spend time in beneficial relationships

Discovering your own desires and feelings can be a journey full of beautiful surprises. It is worth it.

Tracing your own desires and feelings can be a journey full of beautiful surprises. It will be worth every minute, because in the end it is about the person who accompanies throughout your life: yourself.

Thank you for visiting my website.

I hope it will inspire you!

Doris S., Vienna

I really appreciate Susanne as a competent and professional coach. Her calm and empathetic manner makes you immediately makes you feel well taken care of and supported. She asks the right questions in her sessions, addresses each individual situation very well and provides inspiring food for thought. This makes it easier to look beyond your own horizons. I can only warmly recommend Susanne. Coaching with her was an eye-opener for me to create more targeted space and time for myself and to pay better attention to my own needs.

Caroline H., Hamburg

In addition to her in-depth knowledge, Susanne has a special sense for the exquisite and beautiful. And so, in her hypnotic sessions, she accompanies you with words that are individually tailored to your situation into a world in which you can feel in good hands in every respect. I gained new insights in a playful way. Thank you very much, I look forward to more sessions!

Corona G., Vienna

Susanne, you are very competent, empathetic and bring in your 360° view, if necessary with different perspectives, which I personally really appreciate. I think the written "coaching feedback" as well as the "resources and homework" are great, concise and to the point. It's totally relaxing when you don't have to constantly take notes during the coaching session. That's brilliant. The clear, simple design also convinced me. Everything is from a single source. Susanne, you're wonderful. Thank you!


For a first meeting I invite you to a free of charge 15 minutes conversation. Even if you have questions, contact me via the contact form or directly to my email address, I look forward to hearing from you!

or instagram: timeisalwaysnow_

Thank you!

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