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The fascination for the magic of words has accompanied me for a long time. Even as a child, I loved stories, no matter whether they had just been invented, or had already been told or read to me many times. It was adventure stories and literature from different countries and spheres of life that inspired me. Later came an interest in philosophy and a never-ending desire to travel and explore new worlds. I have also been involved with writing and the resulting creation of worlds for a long time - as a philosopher, life coach, journalist and writer. How much we are influenced above all by the stories we tell ourselves internally is an important and always astonishing aspect in my work and in my own life.


This is the point where I realized that it is now time to share and pass on my experiences from writing, the numerous encounters with different people and my researcher spirit: in my working life as a consultant and coach.

Blumen im Sonnenlicht

Values and background

I share a holistic world view that arises from the knowledge and feeling of the interconnectedness of all living beings. This world view coincides with my philosophical conviction that a fulfilling life can only succeed in such a connectedness. Every person is valuable and expresses the whole universe individually and in their own way. This also applies to all other living beings.


An awareness of connectedness strengthens energy and conveys joie de vivre. This is my starting point and my conviction in all the work I do. In addition to my never-ending interest in psychological transformation, I am continuously engaged with the multitude of non-human beings, especially animals and the philosophy of our relationship with them.


My own approach to counseling and coaching is to make this connectedness tangible: on a personal level, this means connecting with one's own feelings and desires, and on a societal level, standing up for this connectedness. 

I currently live close to the city and am happy to be able to set off on foot into the forest and vineyards. In the wild and romantic garden, we are accompanied by many animals such as various birds and butterflies, bats, martens, squirrels, mice, hedgehogs, dragonflies and numerous other crawling and flying creatures.



Porträt Susanne Karr

Professional Background

Certified life and social counselor (A). Life and social counseling is a licensed profession and is subject to confidentiality.
Advanced training in provocative therapy and hypnotherapy.
Independent researcher in the field of philosophy, animal studies. Publications and lecturer at international conferences.

Studies in German language and literature, philosophy and cultural anthropology. Dr. phil.
Freelance cultural editor for various media in the fields of architecture, design, art and philosophy.

© Andrea Sojka Fotografie

I'm the little girl who climbs big trees, who jumps off the 5-meter high diving tower into the lake. Who goes off on her own with a friend on her first school trip because she doesn't feel like walking in rows of two. Who prefers to play with animals rather than dolls.
I am the traveler who searches everywhere for the wonders of the world and always finds them in unexpected places.
As a researcher I keep looking for answers to philosophy's most basic questions: How does goodness come into the world? And: Why is actually something and not rather nothing?
I am the mother of two fantastic, unique daughters (twins) who have taught me many things and from whom I continue to learn.
Growing up surrounded by music I learned to play instruments myself. My family background can be found in the world of music, theater and architecture.
But most importantly, my mother's wide-eyed love of all living things has left an indelible mark on my worldview.


In my blog I write about one of my favorite topics: Connectedness. Of course, this can't be a monologue. It's about sharing and different perspectives: About the awareness of not being alone, about the ability to be present, in the flow.
In addition to my own textual input, I post guest posts. I collect inspirations from the realms of philosophy, the arts, music and worldbuilding that are related to a holistic worldview.


My book "Verbundenheit" (Connectedness; available only in German) deals with communication and its preconditions and was published in 2015 by the Berlin publishing house neofelis.


For a first meeting I invite you to a free of charge
15 minutes conversation. Even if you have questions, contact me via the contact form or directly to my email address, I look forward to hearing from you!

or instagram: timeisalwaysnow_

Thank you!

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