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Life counseling is a short term intervention and is oriented towards solutions.


Together we will find out what gives you joy. What makes sense in your life. And what fills you with the energy to start again.


In the counseling sessions, I combine systemic and holistic approaches that include the bigger picture.



Hypnosis is a multifaceted, magical-sounding word. So it is important to know that hypnotherapy is recognized as a scientific method.


Maybe you are already familiar with inner journeys or meditation. Similar to these practices, in hypnosis you enter a pleasant relaxed state which can be compared to the phase shortly before falling asleep. The boundaries between conscious and unconscious become blurred.

As a goal- and resource-oriented method, hypnosis assumes that the unconscious is our ally. From the rich reservoir of the unconscious, images and memories become available during hypnosis. Information can flow back and forth.


Working with hypnosis focuses on trust and relationship between two equal partners. It is about inciting inner images and using the power of positive events already experienced. You always maintain control over what you want to do and share. Hypnotherapy understands the unconscious as a treasure box that contains everything to initiate change.


I don't create another To Do List or point plans for my clients, whose compliance promises success. Rather, I proceed individually and work out the appropriate next steps together with the client.


Unfolding is central. You are the expert and I am your attentive companion. Hypnosis is about joyful experiences, listening to your own stories and feeling your inner wisdom.

Power Animal Journey

Animals spark our imagination. Meeting your power animal offers a special opportunity to be inspired.

Most psychology concepts assume that personalities are made up of different parts, and I would like to invite you to do a thought experiment here: namely, to imagine one of these parts as an animal part. If we go back many, many generations into the past, there must be ancestors in animal form in our line of ancestors - otherwise we would be negating evolution. From this perspective, it is quite natural to draw on these old parts of knowledge and make them tangible for us.






















In the power animal journey, it is possible to encounter a certain inner part that brings in new aspects or feelings in a helpful way. Clients are often surprised which animal or animals show up.

As a soul mate, your power animal can introduce you to new perspectives or you can empathize with an experience that supports you.

The encounter with the power animal is particularly effective in hypnosis because animals communicate on different levels than humans. It is not necessarily about literal messages, but often also about symbols, colors or associations.


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Systemic Worldview


Systemically oriented counseling sees people as part of a larger whole - be it family, culture or company. Like in a mobile, the movement of one part influences the whole system. It follows that a change in one person also brings about change in the whole. So everyone has the possibility to have an influence.
The systemic view is characterized by appreciation and works with the strengths and competencies of the client. The focus is not on problems and their origins, which usually cause a feeling of helplessness, but on exploring possible solutions. This creates room for positive change. 
The common journey is solution-oriented. As a consultant I accompany, the expertise for the individual wishes remains with you. The methods of the systemic approach include reframing, in which previously negative meanings are reshaped. Also the work with proxy figures or constellations and a deeper look into family histories (genogram) are part of it.

I don't create another to-do list or point plans for my clients that promise success. Instead, I take an individual approach and work out the appropriate next steps together with the client.
Development is central. The client is the expert, I am an attentive companion. It's about joyful experiences, listening to your own stories and sensing your own inner wisdom.


For a first meeting I invite you to a free of charge15 minutes conversation. Even if you have questions, contact me via the contact form or directly to my email address, I look forward to hearing from you!

or instagram: timeisalwaysnow_

Thank you!

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